Most Popular Cars for Women in Kenya

Women and cars: a complicated relationship. Women often feel like they don’t know what to look for when buying their first car, but the truth is that there are many great options out there. So where should you start? Well, let’s take a look at some of the best cars available on the market today.

Toyota Vitz

Despite being one of the cheapest cars on this list, the Toyota Vitz is also one of the best. It’s easy to drive thanks to an impressive turning radius, which makes it ideal for driving around cities and small towns. See the latest Vitz price in Kenya. here.

The interior may not be as spacious as some other vehicles, but it still has enough room for four passengers. Maintenance can get pricey if you don’t properly care for your car, so try washing it regularly or bring it to a professional every few months or so.

Honda Fit

One of Honda’s more recently developed models, the Fit is known for its compact size and great fuel economy. With just under 18 cubic feet of trunk space, though, you’ll need to pack light when taking the Fit out on an adventure.

The Honda Fit is a great choice for women looking for a small, fuel-efficient car. The Fit has many desirable features, such as ample cargo space, good visibility, and excellent fuel economy.

In addition, the Honda Fit comes with a number of helpful safety features that are especially important for women drivers. These features include an Intelligent Crash Response System, which automatically unlocks the doors and turns on the hazard lights in the event of a collision; Vehicle Stability Assist, which helps you stay in control of your car during tricky driving situations; and Hill Start Assist Control, which prevents your car from rolling backwards when you start up again on a hill.

Toyota Yaris (Yaris AT)

If you want a vehicle that can be both practical and fun to drive, then the Toyota Yaris is a great choice. It gets good mileage – around 35 MPG – and has a 20-gallon tank so it won’t have to be filled as often as some other models. There’s a bit of cabin noise from the engine, but this model comes with plenty of amenities including air conditioning, power locks, mirrors and windows.

Toyota has a number of features designed specifically for women drivers, including: a lowered driver’s seat for easier entry and exit, a smaller turning radius for easy maneuverability in tight spaces, and an adjustable steering wheel to accommodate different-sized drivers.

The Yaris also comes with several convenient amenities, such as power windows and door locks, an AM/FM stereo system with CD player, and air conditioning. Plus, the Yaris is one of the most fuel-efficient cars on the market today – perfect for cost-conscious women drivers.

Nissan Note

In general, Nissan makes reliable cars that are known for being easy to maintain. The Note is no exception: it gets stellar fuel economy but still manages to get around quickly thanks to its 1.6-liter engine. It also has a spacious interior, making it ideal for long road trips.

The Nissan Note is a great car for women in Kenya because it comes with a lot of great features that are perfect for everyday use. For example, the Note has plenty of storage space both in the cabin and in the trunk, which makes it perfect for carrying groceries or other items. Additionally, the Note offers great fuel economy, which is important for busy women who need to save on gas costs.

And finally, the Note comes with a range of safety features including ABS brakes and electronic stability control, which make it safer to drive in all conditions.

Toyota Passo

An upgraded version of the Vitz, this model has a more powerful engine and comes with extra amenities. However, it still boasts great fuel economy so you’ll be able to save money at the pump.

There are a few features that make the Toyota Passo a good first car for women. For starters, it’s small and easy to park, making it a good choice for the busy Nairobi streets. It’s also fuel-efficient, so you can save money on gas. And since it’s a Toyota, you can trust that it will be reliable and hold up well over time.

Volkswagen Golf

A versatile vehicle that can do it all – from taking you down long road trips across the country to being your daily commute car – this model gets great gas mileage while still offering plenty of power.

Some people might say that the Volkswagen Golf is a good first car for women because it’s small and easy to park. Others might say that it’s a good car for women because it has a low center of gravity, which makes it more stable on the road. Still others might say that it’s a good car for women because it gets good gas mileage.

But really, the reason why the Volkswagen Golf is a good car for women is because it’s affordable, reliable, and practical. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of some of the more expensive cars on the market, but it does what it needs to do and it does it well. And that’s why so many women choose to drive a Volkswagen Golf in Kenya.

Tips for Buying Your First Car in Kenya

There are a few key things to keep in mind when buying a car, as a woman. Here are some of the most important:

1. Always be prepared to walk away from a deal.

If you feel like you’re being taken advantage of or that the salesman is trying to push you into a purchase you don’t want, don’t be afraid to leave.

There’s no need to get into a confrontation; just say calmly that you’re not interested and head for the door. A good salesman will understand if you’re just not feelin’ it that day and won’t take it personally.

2. Do your research ahead of time.

This includes knowing what kind of car you want (or at least narrowing your search), what you can afford, and how much money you’ll need to make a down payment. It’s also a good idea to know the value of any trade-in vehicles you might have so you don’t get ripped off on that end of the deal, either.

3. Look at more than one type of car before making a decision.

You might have your heart set on a minivan, but you’ll never know if it’s the right car for you unless you check out some SUVs or sedans, too. Test driving is so important!

4. Get an independent mechanic to look at the car before buying it.

He’ll be able to tell you if there are any problems you need to be aware of, like bad brakes or a worn clutch. If the dealer won’t let you take the car to your mechanic, walk away!

5. Keep your emotions out of the sale.

Your heart might be saying, “Oh, I really love this one!” but if it’s not in your budget or mechanically sound, you’ll be sorry later. Make decisions based on cold, hard facts rather than impulse purchases.

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