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Out-with-Coco,-in-with-the-Croc!Out with Coco, in with the Croc!

Move over coconut oil, the cure for scaly, lizard-esque skin could be hiding in the very scaly creature itself. Extracted from crocodile fat, croc oil contains omega fatty acids, antioxidants and linoleic acid, which have been used to treat psoriasis and eczema. The reptile elixir, which can be found under beauty brands such as South Africa’s Repcillin, also contain rich, moisturising properties to hydrate not only your skin but hair as well.

Dark-Lip-101Dark Lip 101

The vampire look has been marketed to all twilight fans of the world, but there isn’t a reason why you can’t master the look like an adult. Remember, rosier hues such as deep plums and berries are more flattering than neutral shades. Stay away from traditional mattes and scooch over to sheens with light reflective properties. Lastly, make it last by layering the lips with the applyblot- apply method. This effect should create a stain that will carry you over to the next application.

ICE,-ICE-BABYIce, Ice Baby

North Korea gifts us the best nail trend for the holiday season. Say hello to the mesmerising shattered glass nails. Also known as Opal nails, they’re designed to resemble diamonds or glass bottles. Apart from being visually aesthetic, they are versatile in the colour department. Easily pair with monochrome hues or bright coloured nail polish. Using a foil adhesive, Mylar paper (or reflective paper) is stuck to the painted nails and covered with a builder gel to lock them in place.

Lancome-Genifique-Youth-ActivatorLancôme Génifique on our Shores (Finally!)

Fourteen years of research. Seven patents. 1 little black bottle of advanced youth-activating serum. One powerful drop of the anti-aging serum, applied before your moisturiser and after cleansing, is gently and evenly massaged over the face to aid in 10 key signs of youth. This includes fine lines, texture, elasticity, resilience, sagginess, clarity, skin tone, firmness, wrinkles and radiance. It comes complete with a self-loading dropper for the perfect serum dose per application for healthier, renewed skin.

dreamstime_xl_29260184Did You Know?

It’s not your imagination, many women in this city use Bath and Body Works products. It comes as no surprise as the 25-year-old brand keeps customers hooked by introducing new fragrance collections every three to four weeks. That works out to approximately 200 new fragrances each year!

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